What We Offer

Derivative Path is dedicated to providing financial institutions and commercial end users with expert guidance to ensure continued market access despite the technical, legal and business complexities brought about by Dodd-Frank and its prescribed requirements for executing interest rate derivatives and offering them to commercial end users. We offer the following services:

Execution Services

  • Assist in establishing trading relationships with dealer counterparties including ISDA/CSA negotiation.
  • Facilitate the execution of trades with your dealer as well as your end user clients.
  • Provide white-labeled borrower-facing trade documentation.
  • Assist with reset and payment advices notices, curve shock analysis, and provide independent valuation statements.
  • Train lenders and assist with presentations to commercial end users.

Regulatory Support

  • Assist with establishing a hedging policy.
  • Provide guidance with Dodd-Frank compliance.
  • Facilitate counterparty and swap guarantor ECP verification protocol.
  • Assist with ISDA documentations for commercial end users.
  • Swap Data Repository (SDR) reporting support for all existing and future trades.

Technology Platform

  • A Marketing and Trade Management platform capable of managing the deal pipeline from prospect through execution.
  • A document repository consisting of all your legal and trade documents.