Derivative Path & Monetics: Democratizing Capital Market Access

Integration of Monetics debt platform delivers unified commercial loan and derivatives management for thousands of institutions, corporations, and middle-market participants

San Francisco, CA, March 24, 2021; Derivative Path, a leading provider of capital markets technology and derivatives execution services to mid-sized U.S. financial institutions, has acquired Monetics, an innovative debt management platform servicing commercial real estate participants. The transaction democratizes access to capital markets by streamlining workflow between regional banks, credit unions, and the thousands of commercial clients they serve, while opening new revenue channels for the major Wall Street liquidity providers.

Derivative Path has been aggressively expanding its operations following a $35 million Series B funding round in June 2020, led by FTV Capital. In 2021, it broadened its foreign exchange platform and commercial borrower outreach.

The Monetics technology enables users to digitize all aspects of their loan portfolios on one simple interface, eliminating hours of manual work referencing legal documents for the real estate industry’s 300,000 commercial loans, as well as tracking critical debt timelines. Monetics clients can now access the state-of-the-art Derivative Path platform to seamlessly monitor their interest rate exposure while taking advantage of a broader set of capital markets services. Likewise, Derivative Path’s existing 130 mid-sized financial clients (and their clients) can now manage debt as well as derivatives on the platform.

“We’re on a mission to deliver a unified capital markets experience to corporate America,” said Pradeep Bhatia, Co-CEO of Derivative Path and former head of rates sales for financial institutions at Wells Fargo. “Until now, commercial clients could not centrally manage their debt and financial products. Our innovative platform not only improves operational workflow for our clients but streamlines the support provided by Wall Street’s trading desks for potentially thousands of corporate borrowers.”

“The opportunity to join the Derivative Path team was compelling, as it addresses our clients’ needs for greater derivatives capabilities and broader capital markets accessibility,” said Adam Fischer, CEO of Monetics. “Not only does Derivative Path already provide the interest rate and FX hedging tools that are so vital to borrowers in the commercial market, but their vision for the democratization of the capital markets encapsulates everything we stand for.”

Derivative Path’s SaaS-based capital markets platform, combined with the advisory support provide through Derivative Path Hedging Solutions, Inc, is designed as a complete end-to-end solution in which users have front-, middle-, and back-office functionality on one platform, eliminating the inefficiencies of working with disparate systems to manage operational workflow. It also automates regulatory compliance, hedge accounting, integrates real-time market data, automates swap data reporting, and affirms cleared trades.

About Derivative Path
Derivative Path is a leading provider of capital markets and derivatives technology services aimed at assisting mid-sized U.S. financial institutions, buy-side firms, and commercial end-users execute and manage their over-the-counter interest rate derivative and foreign exchange transactions. Founded by derivatives industry veterans, Derivative Path is pioneering a solution for Corporate America to more efficiently and seamlessly access and trade debt and derivatives. For more information about Derivative Path, visit

About Monetics
Monetics is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) debt management platform that revolutionizes the way commercial debt borrowers, lenders and servicers manage their loans. Monetics eliminates manual processes, provides real-time loan vitals, and identifies untapped value through an all-in-one risk management platform. The Company was founded by seasoned PropTech and real estate professionals to drive collective intelligence across the commercial lending ecosystem with the tools necessary to operate effectively and efficiently.

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