Interest Rate Derivatives

Interest rate derivatives

Use as a full system of record or as a stand-alone front-end pricing tool in conjunction with your existing risk system.

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Interest Rate Derivatives Trade Creation

With a single click, create multiple trades based on your transaction details

Easily build and price multiple derivative structures.

Trade creation
  • Swaps
  • Swaptions
  • Caps and Floors
  • Loans
  • Callable Debt
  • Cancellable Swaps
  • Swaps with embedded options
  • Collars
  • Corridors 
  • Debt Options

Paying for live market data feeds is a thing of the past

No more worrying about bootstrapping the curve or constructing the full volatility smile. It has all been done for you.

Real-time pricing

Get real-time pricing and valuations using the same market data and analytics used by the largest swap dealers.

Set it and forget it

Schedule pricing emails once a day or multiple times a day and forget it. The system does the rest. We also provide historical pricing as far back as 5 plus years.


Stay on top of your game at the time of going live on a trade! Now you can tell the dealer where you see the mid-market price on your trade.

Interest Rate Derivatives Swap Rates Chart

Interest Rate Derivatives Swaps

Gain on-the-fly flexibility to manage swaps

Be in control

All the important trade metrics are right there. Just click the button and talk to your counterparties with confidence.

Easy restructuring

Whether you are terminating a swap or performing a blend-and-extend strategy on an existing swap, the system makes it simple for you to restructure your trades.

Manage regulatory risk from anywhere at anytime

ECP Certification Icon

ECP Certification

Run counterparties through an ECP certification tool.

ISDA Document Icon

ISDA Documents

Generate ISDA docs from within the system.


Capture settlement instructions and process payments effortlessly.

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View Risk vs. Limits

View counterparty risk against approved limits.

Interest Rate Derivatives Dodd-Frank Compliance

A flexible, scalable platform backed by industry experts

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We were impressed with the functionality of the software, including the artificial intelligence-enabled automation of various operational tasks.
Pat Hennelly


Through their trading platform and industry expertise, Derivative Path delivers the ideal combination of execution and technology platform for all rate hedging.
Ed Furman


We needed a system that would reduce the time spent on a number of our front- and back-office responsibilities through automation, allowing our team to grow our business without forgoing the quality customer service.
Christopher Philips

Valley Bank

DerivativeEDGE has changed the game

Robust compliance

An auditable and robust system of record helps you automatically satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements.

White-labeled documentation

Reset and payment notices, mark-to-market statements, and more are easily generated with your branding.

Centralized document repository

All your information and documentation is stored and accessible in one place available anytime.

Simple presentation generation

Quickly generate beautiful presentations for your borrowers or business partners and term sheets for your Street counterparties.

Live market data and analytics

The tools and market transparency you need to close the trade.

Customizable workflows

A highly customizable workflow engine that works for your internal process to address every step of the trade lifecycle.

Automated tasks

Save time and money with efficient daily tasks and monthly reporting and reconciliation processes.

Automated trade reporting

Connect to the Global Trade Repository to automatically submit trades to the GTR to meet regulatory requirements.