Derivative Path & KKR: Pioneering Private Equity Risk Management

DP expansion continues as PE Sector Expected to See Substantial Growth in 2021

San Francisco, CA, July 22, 2021; Derivative Path, an “all-in-one” platform that democratizes access to the capital and liquidity of Wall Street firms for all market participants, has unveiled its private equity platform with the addition of KKR, one of the world’s top global private equity firms. This expansion into private equity, along with its March acquisition of Monetics, an AI-driven commercial debt management tool which eliminates manual processes, provides real-time loan vitals, and identifies untapped value through an all-in-one platform, allows Derivative Path to continue its trajectory to become the platform of choice for accessing capital markets.

As the private equity sector has evolved and grown in recent years, funds are taking on more complex and diverse investments across geographies and asset classes, relying increasingly on derivatives to manage market risk. This trend is expected to continue, after 86% of LPs allocated more capital to the asset class in 2020 than they did in 2019, continuing a five-year private equity fundraising trend.

“Private equity continues to experience a transformation led by significant growth over recent years and the need for a technology-led, centralized approach to risk management has never been greater,” said Brett Morrell, Head of Private Equity at Derivative Path. “Our goal is to engage with clients such as KKR as a broad-based risk management partner that provides daily solutions through an ‘all-in-one’ platform which spans both technology and full-service risk management solutions delivered by seasoned industry experts. We’re thrilled to welcome KKR as a client to Derivative Path and greatly appreciate the trust they have placed in our firm.”

“Our platform offers clients significant flexibility to determine the level and scope of service that they would like us to provide.  Regardless of the way in which clients engage with us, they have access to our team of industry experts to help implement solutions that meet their specific needs and offer ongoing support and guidance as their risk management needs evolve”, added Ciccy Yang, Director of Private Equity Risk Solutions at Derivative Path.

Access to more sophisticated tools to identify, quantify, and manage market risks in an efficient and scalable format is key to the private equity sector’s continued growth and evolution. The Derivative Path platform delivers an intuitive dashboard, designed and supported by professionals with a wealth of industry experience. The platform enables clients to have a holistic view of all aspects of risk management activities as well as combined access to Derivative Path industry experts for support in use of the technology and implementing best practices for risk management solutions.

About Derivative Path

Derivative Path provides a unified capital markets platform for all participants. Founded andstaffed by experts from the banking, trading, private equity and real estate sectors, the company is democratizing access to the capital and liquidity of Wall Street firms, creating a more seamless and efficient way to manage balance sheets. In March 2021, the company acquired Monetics, an AI-driven commercial debt management platform that eliminates manual processes, provides real-time loan vitals, and identifies untapped value through an all-in-one risk management tool.