Derivative Path & FINCAD: Revolutionizing Derivative Management

New Partnership with FINCAD Enables Derivative Path to Enhance Outsourced Derivative Management Services.

Vancouver, BC/San Francisco, CA – September 10, 2013, FINCAD and Derivative Path are
pleased to announce that Derivative Path is using FINCAD’s financial analytics platform to
augment its outsourced service offerings. FINCAD is the leading provider of OTC derivatives
pricing and risk management solutions and Derivative Path offers a cost-effective, outsourced
solution to help financial and commercial institutions to execute OTC derivative products and
remain compliant with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.
“The FINCAD platform gives us a competitive advantage. We can give our customers strategic
advice and trade valuations based on accurate analytics—and all this is available on a real-time
basis,” said Pradeep Bhatia, Derivative Path Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “At the moment, our focus
is on OTC interest rate derivatives, but as we expand into other asset classes, FINCAD’s crossasset
platform will be able to grow with us.”
By partnering with FINCAD, Derivative Path ensures that key aspects of their clients’ trading
operations can be automated, and that the tasks necessary from a trade servicing standpoint will
be accomplished by a rules and workflow-based engine that can mitigate manual and/or
spreadsheet-based errors. “We are delighted to be partnering with Derivative Path, and supporting
their innovative service offerings with our pricing and risk management platform,” said Bill Stewart,
VP Sales at FINCAD.
Technology-driven Services Backed by FINCAD Systems
What sets Derivative Path apart is not only the expertise of its team, but also the firm’s emphasis
on technology-driven services. “As industry veterans who have worked in the derivatives/capital
markets business for some of the world’s largest banks, we are all too aware of error-prone
functional areas, such as manual data entry and spreadsheet-based errors. When we set out to
create our service offering, we agreed on the crucial importance of the technological platform for
our analytics. We chose FINCAD as our technological partner after a thorough selection process,
which convinced us that FINCAD could provide the reliable, robust and flexible platform we need to
help our clients manage their OTC derivative transactions,” said John Fleming, Derivative Path

About Derivative Path Inc.
Derivative Path is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company that is approaching the over-thecounter
derivative markets with a fresh, technology-driven services offering. The company provides
a technology-led solution to assist financial institutions and commercial end-users in executing and
managing their over-the-counter interest rate derivative transactions.
The company is led by industry veterans who have worked in the derivatives/capital markets
business for some of the world’s largest banks. The sales and execution team has led derivative
sales efforts for several major banks. They have assisted numerous financial institutions in creating
derivatives hedging business opportunities, setting up back-to-back swap programs and working
with respective capital markets and commercial lending groups.
The company’s technology team has years of experience in leading the technology, trading and
product development effort at some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Derivative Path will
be ensuring that key aspects of its clients’ trading operations will be automated, and that the tasks
necessary from a trade servicing standpoint will be accomplished by a rules and workflow based
engine that can mitigate manual and/or spreadsheet-based
Founded in 1990, FINCAD provides advanced modeling solutions built on award-winning, patent
pending technology. With more than 4,000 clients in over 80 countries around the world, FINCAD is
the leading provider of financial risk analytics technology, enabling global market participants to
make informed hedging and investment decisions. FINCAD provides software and services
supporting the valuation, reporting and risk management of derivatives and fixed income portfolios
to banks, corporate treasuries, hedge funds, asset management firms, audit firms, and
governments. FINCAD Analytics can be accessed through Excel, MATLAB, as a Software-as-a-
Service or embedded into an existing system through software development kits. Now, over 70
FINCAD Alliance Partners embed FINCAD Analytics within their solutions. FINCAD provides sales
and client services from Dublin, Ireland, Beijing, China and Vancouver, Canada.
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