Community bank with $5 billion in assets and operations across multiple states

Capital markets desk previously managed FX hedging through spreadsheets and other manual processes


Community Bank Needed an FX Platform to Manage Positions, Reporting, and Valuations


  • The bank needed real-time pricing and valuation tools for their FX positions, along with a full suite of monthly and ad-hoc valuation and exposure reporting.

  • The bank didn’t have a systematic way to manage and subledger nostro/vostro account transactions of the bank and its customers.

  • Needed to generate and manage confirmations, valuation statements, along with internal compliance/accounting reports: cashflow and journal entries from system of record.


  • The bank signed on to DerivativeEDGE to manage their FX program.

  • DerivativeEDGE gives the bank the ability to manage multi-currency and nostro/vostro accounts, and allows for sub-ledgering for customer accounts.

  • The bank gained access to real-time and on-going valuation tools, and automated generation of FX confirms and monthly reporting.