Features of our FX hedging software

FX Features

Real-time pricing and valuations

Our rules-based engine routes RFQ to either our partner FX/payments provider or we can build connectivity to your correspondent bank/dealer

Supported products include:

  • FX Spot
  • FX Forward
  • FX Window
  • FX Swap
  • FX NDF
  • FX Options (Trade Capture Only)

Routing engine

Our rule-based engine routes RFQ to our partner FX/payments provider, or we can build connectivity to your correspondent bank or dealer

Multiple quotes & one-click acceptance

DerivativeEDGE summarizes multiple quotes and notional amounts. Accept quotes with the click of a button

Trade confirmation

Executed trades are captured in the system and trade confirmations are auto-generated

Position reporting

Run customized reports on your positions, PnL, or trade balances. Creating ad hoc MtM valuation and regulatory exposure reports is as simple as clicking a button. A comprehensive limits and exposure calculator is at your fingertips

Daily portfolio valuation

Daily portfolio valuation against closing market rates and mark-to-market statements are made available alongside daily journal entries

Collateral management support

Configure your CSAs in EDGE to auto-generate daily margin posting/call reports

Automatic swap data submission

DerivativeEDGE connects directly to a swap data repository (SDR) for seamless reporting of your derivative transactions


The most robust platform to manage your derivative trading portfolio. Built in the cloud and packed with powerful features.

Customizable workflows

A highly-customizable workflow engine to fit your needs

Sales opportunity management

Built-in CRM functionality to help you manage your derivative pipeline

Live market data and analytics

No added cost to access real-time market data and analytics to value trades, estimate potential future exposures and calculate CVA

Global Trade Repository

Real-time connectivity into a Swap Data Repository (SDR) for reporting of real time (RT), primary economic terms (PET), and continuation data required under Dodd-Frank

Automated processes and tasks

Decimate time spent on monthly reporting and reconciliation processes

Reporting and Analytics

All the critical information about your portfolio is at your fingertips. Stay in control and fully-informed at every step of the trade life cycle.

Generate presentations and term sheets

Quickly generate client presentations and term sheets

Revenue projection

View actual and projected revenue in real time

White-label statements and client notices

Foreign Currency Account Statements
Settlement and Reset notices

Mark-to-Market statements

Transaction transparency

Drill-down to every cashflow, payment, and reset

Option expiry verification

Verify option expiry dates in real time

Automated and customized reports

Produce regular and ad-hoc reports to support your monthly accounting and daily processing activities

Valuation reports

Independent third party portfolio valuation reports


Track and fulfill Dodd-Frank pre-trade compliance requirements with ease, and use a workflow engine tailored to your own firm’s approved procedures

Cloud-based document management

Manage trade and counterparty documents in one convenient location

Legal documentation

Easily generate legal documentation such as ISDA documents and bilateral terms of business or swap customer agreements with your end users

Pre-trade verification

Perform pre-trade verification based on your customized rules-based workflow

Robust system of record

Auditable and robust system of record with comprehensive security and full, out of region disaster recovery capabilities