The Year Ahead: Will Deregulation Happen and What Could That Mean for Banks?

Now that the election is over and President-Elect Trump has started the nomination process, there has been substantial speculation on whether there will be a move toward a reversal of some or all of Dodd-Frank and other financial regulation.  While this would likely be a welcome change to the financial industry, the ambiguity is challenging, especially with the uncertainty surrounding scheduled regulations still due to take effect.
While the incoming administration clearly seems to favor deregulation, a complete repeal of Dodd Frank is neither practical nor likely. The large dealers have spent considerable amounts of money and time over the last five years establishing infrastructure to comply with the rules and there is a shared belief within the industry that while the regulation can be burdensome and overreaching, some elements protect the financial system and have led to safer markets. 

We have summarized considerations to be mindful of going forward into this period of uncertainty. 

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