Join the Risk Management Roundtable with KKR & Blackstone

Scaling Risk Management in Private Equity: A Roundtable Discussion

Thursday, July 21, 2022

10:00-10:45am ET

Scaling Risk Management Practices with the Growth of Private Equity

Private equity has experienced substantial growth in recent years, with funds taking on more complex and diverse investments and venturing into new geographies and asset classes. As a result, firms are relying more heavily on derivatives to help manage market risk and diversify their portfolio. This discussion will explore:

  • How private equity risk management needs and strategies are evolving
  • How firms can efficiently manage and scale risk management operations
  • What role both advisors and technology solutions should play in this process
  • Ways that PE firms can leverage technology to manage risk and increasing amounts of data in this complex environment

Brett Morrell
Head of Risk Solutions, Derivative Path (Moderator)

Cicci Yang
Director of Risk Solutions, Derivative Path

Michaela Beck
Associate, KKR

Chase Johnson
Vice President, Blackstone

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