Saas trading platform for derivatives

Supercharge your derivative trading business with the help of our modern and cost-effective platform. Our SaaS offering is straight forward and eliminates the complexities of working with enterprise trading technology platforms.

Software as a Service Instant Access

A powerful platform designed singularly with your business in mind

Instant access

Once your account is active, you can immediately log in and start using the platform. Unlike other offerings, you won’t spend the next 6 months implementing the system internally.

Support for your workflow

Our efficient workflow is designed to guide and support you through the trade lifecycle, but it’s also configurable if you have specific needs for your organization.


Whether you have 5 or 5,000 trades, you need a modern, nimble platform. DerivativeEDGE provides everything you’re looking for, out of the box.

Robust product coverage

DerivativeEDGE offers you the ability to trade a wide range of duration and vol products. From simple vanilla structures to more exotic and complex derivatives, we’ve got you covered.

Everything you need, at your fingertips

DerivativeEDGE is your single source of information for your derivative portfolio. All your trades, counterparty information, reporting, and documentation is instantly available in one place, whenever you need it.

Software as a Service Counterparty Information

Software as a Service Transparent Pricing

Flat fees, no surprises

DerivativeEDGE is a world class solution for the problems our industry faces. From market data to analytics to infrastructure, DerivativeEDGE is built on the same foundations that top dealers in the world use, giving you a fully transparent view of the market. You can pay a low, flat fee to access the system. It’s a refreshing new approach we think you’ll like.

You’re ready to go to the next level. DerivativeEDGE can take you there

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